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First and foremost, Revaliir is about having fun and being creative. Our setting is a high fantasy world with medieval technology, where humans, dwarves, elves, angels, demons, and representatives of many other races work to make their mark in a war-torn world. Make your way with magical talent, martial prowess, cunning, intellect, or blind luck! Adventures can begin anywhere, from the Winking Mermaid Tavern in Adeluna, to the chaotic streets of Vilpamolan, from the mysterious Feeorin Forest which steals travelers, to the prestigious Mage College of Iria. The possibilities are endless.

This site is about telling the story of your character; of who they are, and what their place in the world is, or is yet to be. Delve into the almost-too-perfect streets of Egjora, venture the dangerous Sarchu Valley on your way to the Throat of the Moon, explore the wondrous walking city of Hoja Mesto, or brave the wastelands of Emiria, the ancient city of the Halflings, in search of treasure. Danger lurks around most corners, but there are safe havens too. Events can take place at any time, from guild wars, to dragons attacking cities, to the gods themselves, playing their games with the mortal world.

We are building a community on this site, one where harassment will not be tolerated, where everyone is treated fairly. The staff members are present, maintaining a friendly environment and ensuring the site runs smoothly. If anyone in the community has concerns or suggestions, we encourage you to approach any member of the staff at any time.


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New Announcements

Two New Gods!

by Xunatar

Posted on Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:43 PM

For days, we have been debating over the applications sent to us, which we received some of the finest ones yet but now…it’s the time y’all have been waiting for! We have selected two people that have been longtime roleplayers for years.

One of them have been with us since the very beginning of the site and has always been here ever since. He has kept up with being an active and positive force for newcomers and veterans alike. He helps out on both the site, as well as the Greenhorn’s Guild and the Revaliir Wiki. May he continue to carry on and represent our wonderful site. Please bear with me in welcoming our first newest addition- Aegis, God of the Endless hunt and Boundless Wilds [Hunt/Wilds]!

The next selected god had been with us for almost a year, but he has been roleplaying on various sites for over a decade. He’s a well-known face that has been friendly and helpful to others and is another member of the Revaliir Wiki. A great role player that will now face a new challenge and be ready to bear arms. Please help us in welcoming Lokir, Tetrarch of Strength and Courage or The Bear God [Strength/Courage]! 

Stay tuned to see when their temples will be ready!

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone that applied. The turnout this time was phenomenal and upon request, we will send applicants criteria on why they weren’t selected this round. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t make it this round, just keep up with activity and continue to be productive towards the site and in the future, you might be chosen.

Thank you and congratulations to our new meat…uh…I mean new gods!

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Deity Applications Opening!

by Xunatar

Posted on Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:54 PM

It's finally time folks! After a long wait, we are kicking off God Apps once again, with two spots up for grabs. Think you have what it takes to be a deity on Revaliir? Then apply and pitch us your best apps. Those with two or more strikes need not apply.

Applications will close March 14, at approximately 12:00 PM CST. That will give you two weeks to write out and perfect your app to the best of your abilities. After filling out the app, send it via private message to Voice only. While you can ask for clarification on things, you can not ask for assistance from a staff member, especially Administrators. 

Anyhoo, the app to fill out is down below and let's get this party started! 

The Application

1. A. Username:

B. Other notable Alts you may have:

2. Character name:

3.When did you first sign up for Revaliir?

4. Brief character history (max 150 words):

5.Our gods and goddesses have domains in which they are in control of as well as titles or function that defines them, which you can see just under the title of their temples. Our question is: what would your title be, and what would it mean for your character as a deity? How would they function as such? Please put your two domains like so [Life/Love] (Max 250 words)

6.What would be your character's three god powers? (bear in mind that this does not have to be absolutely definitive as they would be subject to approval (should you be selected) but a general idea would be helpful.)(Check the signature of Angela Rose, Dalanesca, Naota, Porthyrius, Shiloh, or Xunatar for examples)

7. Explain your deity’s philosophy. How will they use their domains and how will it impact Revaliir? (Max 250 words)

8. Why do you think you would make a good deity? This is your chance to tell us about yourself, why you feel qualified for the position, what qualities you feel you could bring to the deity mix and how you would function as a part of our expanding community. (max 250 words.)

9. Provide us with an example of your writing. This can be a thread you have already written, or it could be a piece you have specially written for this application. Whatever the case, it should feature the character you are applying with. DO NOT SEND A LINK. PLEASE COPY THE TEXT DIRECTLY INTO YOUR APPLICATION. (250 words max)

BONUS QUESTION: When you become a deity, please know that your soul belongs to Brittlez, Whitney, and Brandon. What kind of sacrificial gifts will you send them every three months to maintain good standing with them? AND GET REEEEAAAALLLLY WEIRD ABOUT IT(But not like that you perverts). (Please note: This question does not actually affect your application in any manner whatsoever. We just like laughing.)

For reference, feel free to look at the sample app provided within this link

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Site Changes

by Angela Rose

Posted on Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:41 AM

Rule Update: Since we never ruled on powerplay/gmod of army units owned by characters the staff has determined that you MUST contact the army's owner before you go about saying you are killing them. However, on the note of the army owner you must take into mind that it is powerplay for you not to have causalities/wounded upon an attack depending on how bad it is (no one is invincible). We will be striking people for not following guidelines. These are not like NPC armies but please be aware that powerplaying npc armies will get you struck as well for minor powerplay so be wary of how you use your spells and what not. If it seems over the top it most likely is. You can always check with mods to make sure the move is good. We'll be updating our rules log sometime today with this change.

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Site Changes

by Angela Rose

Posted on Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:31 PM

Naota has changed his domains from Strength and Light to Dreams and Light. His title is now The Lord of Light Who Weaves Through Dreams.

Strength is now open for God Apps

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Attention! (God Apps Announcement)

by Xunatar

Posted on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:13 AM

We will be hosting God apps towards the end of February, so get yourselves in gear, folks! As stated before, two spots are up for grabs this round!

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