The birth of Revaliir began in the stars like so many other worlds. Titans known as Celestials ruled the skies and filled mortal souls with terror and amazement. The Celestials Parvpora and Canelux became the moons and reigned over the skies for all eternity. Now the Celestials are lost to the flow of time and only myths remain. However, your story has yet to begin and where you might end up is entirely up to your imagination. Dare to roam the lands of Revaliir and discover the truth of yourself. What does fate have in store for you? Well, my friend, that is entirely up to you. You can’t conclude a story that you haven’t even started.

Come explore the lands. From the all too perfect streets of Egjora to the mysterious roads of Abed. Danger lurks in every corner if one isn’t too careful. Get lost in the Feeorin Forest but beware the call of the fey. Hear the banshee screams of Koschei Forest from the dark town of Kurayo. Fly airships high into the skies and create your own destiny. One might even get lucky enough to end up next to a deity in the tavern. The possibilities, the stories, the myths… They are endless and entirely up to you.

Revaliir’s community is one of the most enthusiastic, heartwarming, and accepting places on the face of the net. We strive to make sure that not only do you find a home but also that you are treated like family. The goal of Revaliir is to make sure that harassment is not tolerated, that everyone feels accepted and that everyone enjoys their time here. We, the community, are the heart of the site. From the Administration to the users we keep our lines of communication open. We strive to make sure our users know that they are wanted, their opinions matter, and that overall they are loved.

The only adventure never thought of is the one you haven’t written yet. So why not join us and write? Revaliir is a High Fantasy Medieval site where the sky is the limit of your imagination and sometimes, even then, we push past it.



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New Announcements

Wiki Changes and Additions

by Angela Rose

Posted on Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:57 PM

Added the following:

Champions FAQ (added an easy to find list of who has what champion in the Temple Main Forum go look!)
Spell FAQ (put a link inside the spell shop too!)
Seasonal Shop FAQ (has your rotation cycle calendar on it! Now you don't need to ask me or be surprised! Added the link to the shop too!)

Also so I don't do multiple announcements:

Lokir has OFFICIALLY been changed from Courage to War. He had done so in October but I somehow forgot to change it on the forum.  Will be changing the Wiki to reflect this!
Updated Namita's Relics to have an actual description with flavor! (Finally I know)

Dats about it! Have fun guys!

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Edelweiss's Plight[Continent Event!]

by Angela Rose

Posted on Thu Jan 3, 2019 4:38 PM

Long before Adeluna was an empire or even the land was known as Adeluna there was the Edelweiss Kingdom. A small kingdom up in the mountains where the Ancense Ruins now lie. While the ruins do not belong to Edelweiss themselves the location was the exact spot where Edelweiss was built. The kingdom while small had a mighty reputation for its mines. It was a wealthy little nation that brought people from all over Revaliir seeking to strike it rich and live in luxury.

The gods of old were bitter and cruel even to those that served them faithfully. The kingdom of Edelweiss served the mighty god Gorrick. Gorrick was the Lord of the Forge and Dragon King. Crafts and fire were his specialties and while he began his life as a modest god… He is perhaps the worst ones who corrupted from the power the Voice provided in Canelux history.

It is said that he requested the King of Edelweiss to give his only daughter to him as a present. She would be his and serve him for the rest of her life through any hardship he would make her endure. He told the king this, not out of randomness, but out of rivalry. Gorrick’s younger brother fancied the fair princess and Godhood had made Gorrick spoiled. Wanting to rob his brother of everything and anything the God threatened Edelweiss and its people.

His threat was this: “Give me the girl or I shall seal the mines and ruin whatever prosperity you all have. You will lose not only your wealth but your reputations. No other kingdom in all of Revaliir will want you or yours. I will hurl hellfire down on you and ruin your beloved kingdom… There will be no place for you to call home.”

However, the king of Edelweiss was of a good heart and would not forfeit his daughter over to the deity. He realized that the god they served was a monster and he declared that Edelweiss would give no more offerings in his name and that they no longer needed him. A brave thing… However, a stupid thing.

Gorrick made good on his word and hurled hellfire down on Edelweiss. Rock began to grow and block off all and any passages underground where the mines were, sealing the treasures within for what would have been an eternity. It was this heartless action that made the Voice strip Gorrick of his powers and the once mighty god was thrown from the heavens down to the survivors of Edelweiss.

He was met with his brother and his new wife, the princess that Gorrick had wanted for himself. They had been married in secret before the king had thrown out his declaration and moved to a safe place. The princess’s name was Adeline Luna Edelweiss. She would be honored by her husband as he named this new kingdom: Adeluna.

This story has been passed down by residents of Adeluna since the day the empire was created. It became a legend as most historical events do. However, when the Voice shook all of Revaliir during the fight with the Insect warriors from Onnen something happened that would make history come alive once more… At least in a distant memory.

As the lands shook the lands where Ancense Ruins now sit were sundered far below the surface. Divine walls that held for many millennia crumbled to dust. Mystic energy pooled up from the sorrow caused by the god Gorrick caused the old mine lanterns to come alive with ghostly light… and the dead came to life, victims that were buried when the mines were forcibly sealed.

The Queen of Adeluna, Qendresa I, has declared that the mines of her forefathers have been reopened. Adventurers could now make their ways into the ancient caverns of Edelweiss’s past and Adeluna’s origin mother.


TDLR: The lost mines of Edelweiss opened up under Ascense Ruins… Go get some treasure, fight some undead, and get some prizes!

Event Area: (No description this time! HAVE FUN WITH IT!) Ancense Ruins

Event Prizes: (As always are in Namita's Relics go check them out)
Gemstone Pickax
Wealth Teardrop
Spider Gear
Wisp Deadlight

Event Drops:
Cracked Compass
Skeleton Key

Silver Bonus:
x3 until the end of the event


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The Celestial Ball [EVENT!]

by Angela Rose

Posted on Sat Dec 1, 2018 12:45 PM

Once again there is a ball being held at the cathedral in Zets'Ki Cradle. This time though there is an interesting twist! Join the deities in a guessing game and enjoy a ball to celebrate your hard work against the insects of Onnen.

Event Description: Celestial Ball

Event Drops:
Peace Lanterns
Deity Mask

Event Prizes:
Crystal Shoes
Everlasting Rose
Handy Frying Pan
Fairy in a Bottle
Ice Crown

Make sure you are still getting your advent Solstice Coins! All prizes can be found in Namita's Relics!


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2018 Revaliir Advent Calendar!

by Angela Rose

Posted on Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:15 PM

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Because the polls didn't have enough pool for me to pull from or judge I decided to give the 3 who helped their full wishlist. I decided not to put anything they wished for into the advent calendar so it was fair to them.

We are doing things a bit differently this year! This year I will be handing out Solstice Coins through the new Advent Calendar area right: HERE!

Please take time to read the rules and know Mods and Admins will be strict on this!

You can find all of the advent calendar stuff: HERE IN NAMITA'S!, all of it is marked with "Advent:"

There are only 12 Solstice Coins per account. PERIOD. Make sure to follow the rules!

Tomorrow I will work on getting the Ball up since that's what you guys wanted for an event this Holiday season!

Happy Holidays from us to you!
-Brittlez, Head Admin

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New Moderator!

by Xunatar

Posted on Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:46 PM

Alright, everyone! 

Our new moderator is someone that has been around a bit during our humble beginnings and had rejoined the site a while ago. Being very active in both OOC and IC, she's a positive influence on both the site and on our discord. It also helps plenty that she's someone that isn't a stranger towards holding such a position before. 

With that said, we have chosen Kiba as our new Moderator! Congratulations! 

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