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This site is about telling the story of your character; of who they are, and what their place in the world is, or is yet to be. Delve into the almost too-perfect streets of Egjora, venture the dangerous Sarchu Valley on your way to the Throat of the Moon, explore the wondrous walking city of Hoja Mesto, or brave the wastelands of Emiria, the ancient city of the Halflings, in search of treasure. Danger lurks around most corners, but there are safe havens too. Events can take place at any time, from guild wars, to dragons attacking cities, to the gods themselves, playing their games with the mortal world.

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New Announcements

The End of the Vault

by Xunatar

Posted on Sat Jun 24, 2017 3:49 PM

Gifre's Vault shook violently as the tower of chaotic energy started to fade in and out. Soon the quakes became overwhelming and the place was falling apart. Still the God kept seated upon his throne and leaned back against it. Upon his face was not that of disappointment, but instead it held a sickly smile, “Well now, they actually pulled it off.” He was beaming with the very happiness that a parent would have for their children. It looked as though his experiment was over and soon nothing but rubble and decay would be left here. The treasure, what was left of it, would be lost forever and already the creatures had evacuated. Likely so did the adventurers that came to stop the everlasting Glaciem. Not that it mattered much to him; Xunatar got what he wanted out of this deal and as the Nexus itself was falling apart he decided to make his departure. With that, he teleported just as the debris fell onto the throne itself.
Outside he observed from a safe distance as the Vault collapsed. Soon his Avatar appeared nearby and handed him a glass of white grape wine. “You know you went just a bit overboard, right Father?”, Dante sighed before filling his own glass and sipped. “Made quite the mess you did. I fear that you probably made even more enemies from this little fiasco. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other deities find this appalling as well.”
“Perhaps, but nevertheless, I got to see for myself of what the denizens are made of. I can assure you that the next time I decided to test them, I’ll have to be more…careful.”
“Next time?”
“Oh don’t you fret about that, Dante. You have other matters to contend with. As for me, I will be returning to the Cradle. As for the others, well, I’ll deal with that when I come to that part of the road.” Truly Chaos hadn’t care for what any other felt about his plan for there were always motives beneath what could be seen . He drank the wine and let the glass drop just as the final parts of his creation fell. With the end of the surplus of energy, the clouds soon opened up and gave way to the bright afternoon skies. The sun shined brightly overhead and the warmer weather chased the cold away from Canelux. Soon the land turned back to normal as the people rejoiced and cheered for the brave that fought for them. Dante looked at the ruins and then to where his father stood but the God vanished. His Avatar shook his head and finished his own glass before dropping it himself. “Always planning…always scheming.” His words were heard by him alone as he turned away to head back to Arri.

The Ignius Paradox Event is over now, congratulations for helping my making my first event go smoothly. This couldn’t have gone down without the support of the members of Revaliir. I hope you all enjoyed it as well as the event items too!
Thank you! :)

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The Ignius Paradox Event

by Angela Rose

Posted on Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:59 PM

I get to play with my new admin tool! 

From now on whenever we have a unique area or 1 area for an event THAT AREA GETS x3! So the vault is worth x3 unless you have a silver boost then it's x9!


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Creating Something Beautiful: TWO new areas!

by Angela Rose

Posted on Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:45 PM

The contest has ended with only two entries. We've liked them so much that we are willing to put both of them up on the boards for everyone to rp on. These new areas are as followed:
Gaharee, The Sinking Ruins
Written by Cymbel or Shiloh Kyrie


Kujishoku, the Spirit Realm
Written by Printf

I'll be rewarding both writers with their custom item vouchers since they have already received their silver for participation!

As always unless these forums are used they will be tucked away into our archives. I check how well a forum is doing once a year. I should tell you all that as of right now Horae Island is currently looking at being tucked due to no one really rping on it. The only reason I threw it back up since it was an event place was because of the stink everyone caused about not being able to keep it. 

Revaliir is an ever growing and evolving place. If something isn't working we're going to fix or change it.  

Thank you so much for the participation for the contest! We hope that more people participate in the future! Also, I have added the new areas to the spreadsheet for alchemy and synth :) You can find it here: Alchemy and Synth Recommendations 

-Brittlez, one of the Head Administrators

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The Ignius Paradox Event

by Angela Rose

Posted on Fri Jun 9, 2017 8:50 PM

Within the wilderness of Itjivut, a single pair of footprints were set miles inland in the deep snow. The trail seemed to head towards the mountainside; but just who wasn’t that had withstood the harsh and bitter cold? Xunatar, the Chaosweaver and the Lord of Lies was such a person. The hooded god had made the long, incredible trek because he was looking for something. A certain something that had once been a thorn to the side of the ice elves and outsiders alike not too long ago. His pale blue eyes, after a day or so of pondering, had found what they sought.

Nearing the base of largest mountain range and half buried by the snow laid the carcass of the mighty wyvern, Gifre. A beast that once spread terror throughout the island due to his sickening greedy nature. His power was so feared that he had commanded the armies of goblins and orcs to pillage in his name, but now that time was over. His forces had left for their own ventures and all that remained was his half frozen flesh and bones. Xunatar wasn’t present at his death but he knew that something as wondrous as this creature should not be laying here and wasting away.

“Do not worry, dearest friend. You will have your chance to burn as bright as like the sun”, he spoke towards the corpse as though he had been a loving pet.

His fingers lightly caress the wyvern’s form, the decay of it was postponed only because of their location. The body was still strong for the most part and it inspired a terrific idea from the devil as he extended his godly power onto it. As he did so, he could hear the bones cracking, the flesh twisting as the body spasmed violently. “Shh now”, he whispered as he channeled some more energy into it. You will serve this world one last time, as a test against those that have wronged you.” Chaotic magics seeped through Gifre and soon infused with mountain range itself. It took a full day’s time but by nightfall, his work was over and the setting around him had shifted. What now stood before him was a mountain fortress with its gates resembling that of the dearly departed wyvern.

But the unbound energies that glorified this structure could not be kept amongst itself and the excess channeled into a beam shooting up into the sky and branched into all directions. The rest of Canelux would soon feel this change. Ignius, the season of warmth and long days found its bright skies grey and the bitter cold ushering onto the area. Crops that were at their peak are in danger of dying, leaving many to starve or worse. Many that weren’t prepared for such a change find themselves scrambling to find heat anywhere they can for themselves and families. Unrest in some areas came next as people started to hoard supplies and become hostile to others. The change had brought out the worst in people; it brought forth a greed that had once been contained by the belly of the beast.

Rumors had been spread about the wyvern’s treasures. Though his hoard was said to be massive, he was crafty enough to hide it where even his former subordinates wouldn’t check. But the God was able to locate the collection and moved every piece to the site.

Whether motivated by the unselfish reason of saving more lives before they are lost from this curse or for the grand treasures kept here, Xunatar cordially invites brave adventurers, thrill seekers and hunters alike to…Gifre’s Vault.

For this event, members can post in the Gifre’s Vault form in order to wither away at the health of the chaotic energy beam that is providing the eternal cold throughout Canelux.


Wyvern Bone Blade- The strongest remnants of the frost wyvern’s skeleton were used to create this sword which can puncture and shred most modest armors apart with ease.

Dragonic Bellow- With this spell, the caster’s shouts are magnified into powerful bursts, able to both knock down enemies and obstacles and can invoke fear.

Pseudo-Wyvern- A small dragon the size of a house cat. Gifted with minor telepathy and a poisonous sting, they can be used as familiars, as pets, scouts or even for the local post system.

Chaotic Matter- An excess amount of the Chaosweaver’s power leftover from the construction of Gifre’s Vault.

Gifre’s Bone- A piece of bone from the recently dead wyvern; there may still be some power left within it.

Coldfire- An abnormal flame that continuously burns a blue color. It is surprisingly cold to the touch.

You can find the event items in the Forge as usual! Check the shop list to find it :)

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The Living World!

by Angela Rose

Posted on Fri Jun 9, 2017 8:05 PM

On the eve of the Ignius season, most are preparing to harvest the fruits of their labor in the long, warming afternoons. Others dream of being carefree with the days and find this the best of times to adventure and spend those star filled nights looking up to the heavens. Instead, Canelux seems to be stuck in a limbo of Glaciem- thick grey clouds mask the blue sky and the sun itself from the eyes of the natives. Freezing winds blew furiously and snow blankets the lands and the crops. River and lakes find themselves frozen and panic is spread about the land. Those in Parvpora, though not directly affected, find themselves deprived of trades from those of Canelux. Word has been spreading around from the natives of Itjivut about seeing a beam of chaotic energies shooting up to the sky from the mountainous region up north days before the change in climate in the mainland. Some had made the trek only to find a sinister stronghold there….

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