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Character Info
Name: Hotaru
Age: 16
Alignment: TG
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Monk
Silver: 280
It was the New Year in Nisshoki City, and the one time Hotaru left the monastery without a group of the other monks.  There was a grand festival, and it was one of the only times where people from all walks of life mingled together.  There were parades, all manner of foods and drink, and even fireworks once night fell.  The young woman had a small handful of silver coins, and Hotaru planned to enjoy herself for the three day festival.  Brushing the fuzz from her best robes, the girl disappeared into the crowds on the streets in search of something to eat first. 

There was a particular rice treat she had always enjoyed, rolled with coconut milk and fried in oil until they bloated with air and floated to the surface.  Paying the coins, Hotaru enjoyed the sweet rice and stepped back to observe the hustle of the crowds for a few moments.  Even the farmers came in from the countryside for the New Year festival, given that it was one of the few times of the year they could leave their fields.  She knew that a few of the Horitshi were out in the fields, making sure that no one tried to invade.  The rest were keeping order in the city, resplendent in their blue lacquered armor.

Wandering the streets, Hotaru decided that she could see what she could find.  There were vendors all over the streets, selling all manner of goods, even things from other lands.  She stopped at one stall, looking with delight at the small stone carvings.  Her face lit with a smile when she found one that looked very familiar.  Handing her coins to the vendor, she explained why.  "It's certainly a coincidence, but this looks exactly like a cat I've been feeding and befriending.  Thank you!" Hotaru said, slipping the little carving into her pocket. 

It would still be a couple hours before the fireworks started, and Hotaru didn't want to go back to the monastery yet.  Suddenly the drums started playing, signalling that the parade was on its way close by.  Ducking through the crowds, Hotaru wanted to get close to it.  It was considered good luck if you could snatch a flower from the cloth dragon that danced through the streets after the drummers.  The dragon started passing by when Hotaru reached an open area, and with a fearless grin, she lunged forward.  She managed to claim one of the bright red flowers from the dragon.

Character Info
Name: Jake Arellano
Age: 22
Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Bard
Silver: 1156
This was Jakes element, bustling streets stalls everywhere selling wares. The Nisshoki New Years Festival was one Jake refused to miss, and with good reason. Every year the city exploded with activity, anyone who had spare coin in their pockets would spend them. As such he made a killing whenever he played during the festival, though usually his own music was drowned out by that of the drums. For his first stop Jake made his way to a food shop he discovered on one of his earlier visits to the city. There he purchased a crab that had been boiled in a fish stock. Not only was it delicious it was also great snacking food as the crabs shell served as a plate as you ate.

After discarding the crab which he had picked clean, Jake moved towards the parade to attempt to grab a flower. Which he had some success with he managed to grab a rather pretty blue flower. Sticking the stem of the plant behind his ear so the actual flower could still be seen by anyone looking at him.  However, the bard was also rather frugal unwilling to spend money on just about anything other than food and drink. Too many years of barely surviving with the little money he had left him unwilling to pay for anything not essential to human life. something however did catch Jake's eye; a bronze medallion with a lute imprinted on it. For some reason in spite of everything he decided to buy and pocket this item.

After making his random purchase Jake decided to find somewhere to play. Which left him conflicted did he want to stay close to where he was and be close to the epicenter of the event. Or did he want to move a bit further out so that it would be quieter and thus people would be better able to hear his music. After mulling over the two options Jake decided he didn't want to mis any of the action and thus began looking for a place to play nearby. He found one in a nearby street corner and pulled out his lute. As much it would've been wonderful to play songs from Altaiyo's past. Jake was rather unlearned when it came to the countries music and just about it in general.This always urked him, perhaps he'd have to stay after the festival ended this time and learn about the music of Altaiyo. Though for know he just played whatever song came to mind hoping that people would enjoy it.

Always have a song in your heart and a drink in your stomach.

Jake can only cast magic through playing music.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.
Angela Rose

Character Info
Name: Angela E. Rose
Age: Immortal Looks 20s
Alignment: CG
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess/Herbalist/Queen
Silver: 7483
Angela stood barefoot in her room as she pinned up her youngest daughter’s hair. The gold pins stuck out of her red locks with an elegant beauty but the goddess doubted the child cared. She went on and on about how it was her first time out into the real world. “Yes, yes I know and we are all very excited for you.” Drae had managed to talk the woman into taking her to the New Year festival in Ataiyo.

The goddess herself had on a long flowing kimono that could have very well been made out of gold. It had bright colorful flowers on it and the symbol of her faith blended into the design. Her hair was done up much like her daughter’s.

“Come on momma! Don’t keep me waiting! The New Year doesn’t last forever.” The littlest Rosenite jumped down and shook her mother’s legs. “What if the New Year celebrates without us?”

Angela smiled a bit and bent over to get on Iva’s level. “It would never do that to you. This is your very first festival.” She bopped the girl on the nose before taking her hair. “Clairese will you you accompany us just in case I need to hand Iva to you?” The clergy member nodded softly as Angela opened the portal.

Without hesitating Iva let go of her mother and ran through. Though she was immediately awestruck and Angela was able to catch up to her. “Momma, it's so pretty!” A deep sigh left the goddess’s lips as she  watched her daughter spazz out over the sound of music. The littlest Rosenite ran up to the bard.

“PLAY ME A SONG!” The little girl bounced at her mother and held out her hand. “He needs money Momma!”

“Say please and don’t forget your thank you.” Angela pulled coin out of her sleeve and gave it to the little girl to give to Jake. She silently mouthed sorry to him as the little girl began to spazz out over the list of things he could sing for her.

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Angela's 3 God Rules
1. Angela has the power to heal wounds/resurrect on command.
2. Angela can bring out someone's inner love.
3. Angela can peer into your thoughts be it for desires, artifacts you seek, and earthly knowledge you might have.
Also: If you check Angela's temple you can see she can make Artifacts! Temporary for plot or if you have a custom item voucher I can whip up something for that!
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Character Info
Name: Naota
Age: Appears 23
Alignment: CG
Race: Deity
Gender: Male
Class: Deity of Light and Dreams
Silver: 12156
Walking through the energy buzzing streets of Nisshoki reminded him what it was like to be a child. He hadn’t come to attend one of the festivals in years. They were occasions best nestled in his childhood memories but just smelling the cooking oils, watching the colorful clothing whip through the air, hearing the sounds of music, all brought back a warm sense of nostalgia. He recalled how in his youth his family would prepare everything to bring the night before, only to wake at the crack of dawn to get to Nisshoki in time for the festivities to begin. No small feat with six sons.

But now he was the only one there. His youngest brother was twelve and while it would have made sense for him to be brought here, he wasn’t surprised that his mother and father hadn’t brought him. This was a pinnacle age for training and when it would become the turning point for boy into man. Bloody knuckles, drained energy, and healing blade wounds did not make for a fun time out while still healing. Still, he half expected to see at least one of them here, more than likely it was just wishful thinking.

While his time here would be brief he still allowed himself some ease in being somewhere so familiar. Truth be told he was unfortunately just passing through to his next destination but had decided to take a more scenic route seeing as it aligned with the festival. There were some vendors he remembered from when he was small and he nodded to them quietly as he walked through, never stopping at a stand for fear of getting sucked in too easily. Life had been stressful as of late and it was nice to have a distraction, but he couldn’t let himself get tethered when there was somewhere he had to be.

The sound of a lute caught his attention, more than that it was the music itself: while other musicians took up traditional Ataiyan songs, this was quite different. He looked in the direction of the strumming and politely wove through the river of people until he was about twenty feet away. He leaned back against a lamp post, his lips parting when he realized who it was. Their last encounter had been a brief one but important nonetheless and he nearly laughed from the coincidence of seeing him again. But, he was playing, hopefully earning money, and he didn’t want to distract him from that so he kept his distance.

Any lightness that had been there slowly melted away, the sounds of the surrounding area going against now deaf ears as he watched the woman that approached the lute player. He could feel the shift, the prickle in his skin, the electric feeling in his fingertips that urged to call forth a blade…but he resisted. That wound was still fresh, the vial around his neck hidden under his clothing only having been there a short amount of time. But this was neutral ground, and he wouldn’t disrupt that. His eyes closed, breathing out slowly and finding his center. It would do. For now.

God Rules:
i. Has the ability to put any target into a deep sleep.
ii. Unmatched in holy magicks as well as light magicks.
iii. Can shatter illusions by bending the light to show the truth.
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