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Nelanna Fox

Character Info
Name: Nelanna R. Fox
Age: Timeless; looks 20
Alignment: TG
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Warden of the Wilds
Silver: 1621
Once again Nelanna stopped by the cottage after another morning of training. Kohaku didn’t mind much, as he always welcomed Nelanna’s company. However, the day hasn’t exactly been kind to him. Shopping took longer than he intended, then a pair of carefree kids bumped into him and made him drop everything. And suddenly a cat appeared and stole some of the meat he had bought. The entire way back home it rained on him, soaking him to the bone. It was as if a curse had been cast upon him for misfortune, and Mirannda wasn’t around the cheer him up.

As if his day hasn’t been bad enough, a portal opened in his living room. Ensarrian emerged with an injured angel in his arm and another in tow. Naturally Nelanna was alarmed and acted quickly. But healing magic was not the best solution. With a heavy sigh, Kohaku pushed aside his irritation and looked at Ensarrian seriously, “Take her upstairs and try making her as comfortable as possible.” He gave no one time to explain what had transpired, but he didn’t need to. He knew torture wounds when he saw them, and there was no time to waste with the young angel as injured as she was. He then turned to Nelanna, but Ensarrian didn’t stick around any longer.

He carried Raziel up to the top floor and kicked open the door, not caring if he broke it or not. He needed his hands to hold Raziel, so it isn’t like he had any other way to get inside. Ever so gently he laid her down on the bed, then took one of the two pillows and helped her get comfortable. Moments later Kohaku and Nelanna entered the room. The fox was holding a bucket of warm water and a clean rag, setting them down on the bedside table. Nelanna instantly began rummaging around in the chest at the foot of the bed. She pulled out an injury kit. “I will need the alcohol,” said Kohaku as he turned to Raziel, eyes looking up and down her bloodied body thoughtfully, as if he were looking for the worst of her injuries. Ensarrian walked to the other side of the bed, gently sitting on the side. “Where all are you hurt?” Kohaku asked the angel as Nelanna started laying out what will be needed from the kit. And while he waited for a reply, Kohaku took her hand and examined the puncture. Then he took the rag, dabbed it in the water and began wiping away the excess blood.

In an attempt to offer comfort, Ensarrian tenderly held her other arm, careful not to disturb any wounds. His heart twisted as he imagined what all was done to her, until he had to force the images from his mind to prevent himself from becoming angry once more.


Character Info
Name: Raziel
Age: About 100, appear 25
Alignment: TG
Race: Angel Nymph hybrid
Gender: Female
Silver: 785
Despite knowing she was safe in Ensarrian's strong arms, Raziel huddled into his chest as best as she could. Every bounce from his step sent a fresh wave of pain up her legs. Her hands were held close to her breast, afraid to touch anything as she tried to ignore the throbbing fire. It took everything she had to keep from crying out while not hyperventilating due to the ache of her ribs. A number had been dealt to her. Now, she had to fight back and recover.

It was nice not to be in the cold lands, having starting to grow accustomed to warm climates. Not to mention, she wasn't even properly dressed for such cold when she was snatched. Voices broke through her thoughts, and Raziel could almost laugh at the irony. Once again, one voice was new, the other familiar, but the genders were swapped. "Nelanna," she gasped, a smile momentarily flashing across her face before she gritted her teeth once more.

While Ensarrian went up the stairs, Raziel tried to keep her feet from bouncing with the movement. It was a near impossible feat, however. She winced as the door was kicked, wondering if he damaged anything. The bed was softer than any she had used in the last month, a welcome reprieve. He ensured she was sitting propped up with pillows behind her, but she kept her hands to her chest. Several sets of booted feet walked up the stairs shortly after.

On one hand, she wanted to concentrate on them, try and figure out what they were doing. Ensarrian and Nelanna would not let anything happen to her, of this she was sure. The stranger took her hand and examined it before getting to work with washing away blood to see the work cut out for him. Raziel hissed as she resisted the urge to pull away. "Wings, broken ribs, eight fingers broke, shattered ankles. Cuts and bruises galore." She was listing everything that needed to be dealt with. "Surprised my teeth don't hurt," she joked and started coughing again, gasping with the sudden convulsions of the action.

The angel wanted to cling to Ensarrian, to feel him beneath her fingers, as if that alone would make bearing the pain any easier. Raziel's steel eyes rested where Nelanna was laying items out at the foot of the bed. "Nelanna, my cube in my bag… Has jars. I need the ones with two dots, a Z, and an X. Make a tea from two and X. Give the Z to… this gentleman to use on the cuts after stitching." She began giving orders, trying and failing to keep the pain from her voice. Then she turned her dead gaze to Ensarrian.

"Brother mine, I ask you to help him to straighten my fingers. I fear to lose them. While you do, would you talk to me? Like, who is that woman? Could you describe her to me?" This was her request. She wanted the hard stuff done, out of the way. By the time the tea kicked in, Raziel would not feel much of anything. The salve would help prevent infection and scarring. Azula had perched on the desk, preening herself. "I would suggest asking the angel to preen Raz's wings after everything else is done. I'm afraid nothing else can be done." She gave her advice from an avian's perspective.

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