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Angela Rose

Character Info
Name: Angela E. Rose
Age: Immortal Looks 20s
Alignment: CG
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess/Herbalist/Queen
Silver: 14680
Lyre- Died during her ascension 
Belle - Fern's twin
Fern - Belle's twin
Foxglove - Second Avatar
Nerezza- Lucian's twin sister
Gissa - Died in Childbirth
Marigold - Fledgling

Poppy- Larkspur's Twin
Ernest- Adopted
Iris - Helped Drae create her using her Breath of Life.
Episcia - Courting Lucian
Rizka - Sister of Justice who is courting Holly
Aisling- Courting Ash
Hazel - Courting Rohan
Gaea- Gemma's identical twin
Gemma- Gaea's identical twin
Kalina- Leilah's fraternal twin
Leilah- Kalina's fraternal twin
Celeste - Fledging

Raven - Deceased- Killed by Cyprus in Revaliir. Original Avatar.
Reyviir - Found, Home
Nathaniel- Resurrected, Courting Iris 
Lucian- Nerezza's Twin
Dart- Son-in-law, Foxglove's husband, Coincidentally Rohan Sr's nephew making him Iva's cousin.
Larkspur- Poppy's twin
Kale- Adopted against his will
Christian - Courting Aelwen, Future Son in Law
Kaiser- Son in law, married to Nerezza
Gerard - Courting Talise
Eirik - Courting Aaryona
Justice - Courting Holly
Vincent- Courting Furtuna
Bakura- Courting Taimi
Olvar - Courting Gaea
Hamon- Courting Gemma
Raile- Courting both Kalina and Leilah
Ozzet- Fledging
Lokir- Courting Basselina
Amarok - Courting Jessamyn
Aeolus- Courting Rosemary-Raine
Lysandre- Courting Poppy
De'Zhelis- Courting Iva

& Many many more unnamed children.

Asianne- Gissa's child
Osiria- Thyme and Pyzis's child

Rhenakos- Courting Osiria
Miraje- Foxglove's

Cyprus- Middle sibling, Wretched, Hated, Outcast
Toya- Youngest sibling
Cathrine, the second- Oldest sibling, named after Kyoto's mother
Paige Wintercrest - Sister-In-Law to Toya
Misty Wintercrest - Sister-In-Law to Toya (Deceased)
Moliira - Was Krystopher's Mate, Technical Sister-in-Law to Toya
Dalanesca - Best Friend, Pretty much-adopted sister, Godmother to Rohan

Angela has no birth brothers
Blaine Wintercrest- Brother-in-law, Toya's husband
Frey - Was her brother-in-law when married to Taylef 
Krystopher Wintercrest - Brother-In-Law of Toya, Courting Liz Rose
Xunatar- Pseudo Brother-in-law, father of Colden, mated with Cyprus
Nazerial - Pseudo Brother-In-Law, Father of Lotus, mated with Cyprus
Eliagos - Pseudo Brother-in-Law, Father of Undine, mated with Cyprus
Kyrel- Courting Cathrine
Auron- Courting Lily

Kyoto - Died during the attack from Adeluna. Named after a man from Ayaito
Serenity - Turned by Kyoto after being freed from slavers. Died during the attack from Adeluna.

Willow - The Matron Mother, The first Rosenite, Dragonlily and Kira's mother.
Dragonlily- Kira's twin sister, of the firstborn Rosenites. Lilla's mother.(Deceased)
Lilla- Cathrine the first's mother (Deceased)
Cathrine the first- Kyoto's mother(Deceased)
Markus- The chosen, accidentally conceived the firstborn Rosenites with Willow.(unknown)
Lucas- Dragonlily's husband(Deceased)
Jack- Cathrine the First's spouse (Deceased)

Kira- Killed off by Angela's father. Founded the desert Rosenite lifestyle, Dragonlily's twin sister, of the firstborn Rosenites

Antheia- spared because Kyoto saw she was an innocent child. (Kira's daughter)

Keira- Toya's, Ynnarah's twin
Ynnarah-Toya's, Keira's twin
Rose- Toya's, Oracle
Aurora- Toya's
Kirika- Cyprus's
Crystaline- Cathrine's, Xavier's twin, Courting Colden
Opal- Lily's (Deceased)
Yeva - Lily's
Eldora-Cyprus's, Oracle
Lotus- Cyprus's
Artemisia- Cyprus's (Deceased)
Juniper- Cyprus's (Deceased)
Myrine - Cyprus's (Deceased)
Jonquil - Cyprus's (Deceased)
Abilene- Cyprus's (Deceased)
Idoya- Cyprus's (Deceased)
Keithia- Cyprus's (Deceased)
Rain- Cyprus's (Deceased)
Estrella- Niece-in-law, Costel's wife(Deceased)
Elizabeth - Cathrine's, Kai's Twin
Aria - Casimir's wife
Rhea- Angela's niece through her ex-husband Taylef, Frey's daughter
Isabelle - Toya's Niece through Krystopher
Undine - Cyprus's

Costel- Toya's(Deceased)
Xavier- Cathrine's(Deceased)
Kai- Cathrine's (Deceased), Elizabeth's Twin
Casimir- Cyprus's (Missing/Unknown presumed dead)
Jayden- Toya's, Courting Belle
Bryar Oakenfell-Rose- Nephew-in-law, Kirika's husband
Colden- Cyprus's, Courting Crystaline
Nightshade- Cyprus's (Deceased)
Ghadir- Cyprus's (Deceased)
Cephas- Cyprus's (Deceased)
Steele- Married to Eldora
Dante- Courting Lotus
Sparrow- Toya's
Torn - Once married to Toya's daughter Keira, Father of Tempest and Kite.
Cole - Courting Nymphaea

Great nieces
Astrid- Toya's by Costel
Remedy-Toya's by Costel
Tempest- Toya's by Keira
Cinder - Cyprus's by Casimir
Estelle - Cyprus's by Eldora
Shiroi- Cyprus's by Lotus

Great Nephews:
Kite - Toya's by Keira

Coriko- Cathrine's by Elizabeth (Deceased)
Casimir- Cyprus's by Lotus
Corbin- Cyprus's by Lotus
Jace- Courting Remedy
Artemis- Cyprus's by Eldora

Wyatt - Deceased killed when she ascended, Human
Taylef LeSilve - Otherworld Husband Missing, Aerkai (Blood Elf)
Marius Draconis: Otherworld husband, EX Leader of the Draconis Vampires, Married him twice. Father to Aaryona and Nathaniel. Vampire
Rohan SR: Iva's Father, technically not married but were lovers up until he died., Human
Talise's father: Brief, Avenged his death, Fairy
Furtuna's Father: Didn't get along, Djinn
Nemesis- Counter Part of Raeguel, Also father to Nerezza and Lucian
Raeguel - Counter Part of Nemesis, Also father to Nerezza and Lucian
Basselina's Father - Lost in a drinking match, ended up having his child.
Sapphire's Father - Elf from Endapano, Ranger, Relationship unknown
Drae- Angela's current lover/husband, God
Hawthrone - Father of Gaea and Gemma

Other Relations:
Sebastian- Father of Hazel
Bryony- Mother of Hazel
Nerene- Mother of Lysandre

OOC: Brittlez the lovable Head Admin and Server Mom
IC: Angela is The Weaver of Life and Love.
Angela's 3 God Rules
1. Angela has the power to heal wounds/resurrect on command.
2. Angela can bring out someone's inner love.
3. Angela can peer into your thoughts be it for desires, artifacts you seek, and earthly knowledge you might have.
Also: If you check Angela's temple you can see she can make Artifacts! Temporary for plot or if you have a custom item voucher I can whip up something for that!
Angela's complete family tree is in her temple! (Alternate link is in my profile)

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